IMG_0366i am a Christian and a family man who left the Information Technology industry in New Zealand in order to train to become a Pastor.

Since leaving Microsoft New Zealand in January 2011 I have graduated from the Masters College with a Bachelor of the Arts in Biblical Counseling.  College was a blast!  I enjoyed the breadth of subjects we covered, from Math to History and Science. These helped me to broaden out my understanding of the world and how we came to this moment.

In 2012 I started working toward a Master of Divinity at the Masters Seminary, which I’m now around half way through. I’ve loved learning Greek and Hebrew and learning the finer points of Biblical history. I’m currently enjoying preaching classes while working as an intern at Placerita Baptist Church.

While we don’t have firm plans, we are currently considering staying on to do a Master of Theology degree which is a one year post graduate research degree. Beyond that we hope to return to New Zealand and help in a local church.  As a family, we appreciate your prayers and support.

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Evolution vs God

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Bachelor of Arts
Master of Divinity
Master of Theology

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